Stuff You Might Not Know

Gretchen Wilson Designs is the next evolution of Little Souls. 

Here we offer access to not only her Little Souls dolls, but also to many one of a kind creations, showcasing similar style and flavor, often incorporating recycled and interesting objects of all sorts.

Gretchen’s first dolls were made as toys for her own children. 

While in line at the supermarket, with children and handmade dolls in tow, a stranger asked Gretchen where she had bought her children’s dolls. At that moment a seed was planted in her mind...a seed that would become a life-long, passion-filled roller coaster business ride.

When her business took off like a whirlwind with an initial order of 1,000 dolls, Gretchen quickly realized her passion could become a sustainable business.

Her dolls combine unexpected materials, colors, patterns, and objects, thus illuminating the beauty of the disorganized and uncontrollable nature of life. 
The quirks and idiosyncrasies which we identify with loved ones are essential to her designs. 

Each creation shows that anything can go with anything, and how seemingly random pairings create a natural and appealing image that reflects human nature.

Little Souls dolls are symbols of the imperfection of humanity. 

Each Soul has a story to tell and each communicates a different emotion.

The possibilities are endless...

To place an order for a custom design,
please call 610.212.7604 or email

Check out our Gallery Page for design inspirations...
and some of our favs!

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