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Handcrafted Dolls, Endless Possibilities

Are you looking for a unique "must have" gift? At Gretchen Wilson Designs, we create handmade, one-of-a-kind dolls known as Little Souls. 

Our unique and often whimsical designs are handmade by our founder Gretchen Wilson and are the perfect gift for the sophisticated, design conscious adult, traditional doll collector,  celebrity, or "just because" gift for yourself!

Our Little Souls have big personalities and can be personalized based on requests. Whether you want a doll of color, a Christmas-themed doll, or a doll dressed as a witch, we can create it. The design possibilities are endless. We invite you to experience our Little Souls dolls, home accessories and other unique offerings.

Handmade Little Souls doll

Our One of a Kind Dolls

At our workshop in Pennsylvania, we create Little Souls dolls by combining unexpected materials, colors, patterns, and objects. Our unusual and joyful designs are characterized by their attention to detail, with accessories often made from recycled, reclaimed, and reborn treasures.

We encourage you to see the charm in all ordinary objects and celebrate the spirit and the beauty of the disorganized and uncontrollable nature of life. Our dolls glorify the quirks and idiosyncrasies of children and aim to bring out the child within.

A Little Souls doll is the perfect special occasion gift for you, a loved one, or your home! Even the person who has everything won’t be able to resist these distinctive collectibles!


Our Commitment to Equality

The poet Maya Angelou said, “People are more alike than different.” Gretchen Wilson, our founder, has chosen to view people in a way that focuses on their likenesses while appreciating their differences. Because of her passion for equality, she traveled to various communities and villages in Ghana, Brazil, Mexico, Guatemala, Sri Lanka, Romania, the Caribbean, and Honduras.

During these international projects, Gretchen helped design and create marketable products. She also worked on product development with craftspeople in Armenia, India, Nepal, Peru, and Haiti. Amazed by the brilliance and resilience of the people she worked with, she always returned to the U.S. feeling stimulated, rejuvenated, and inspired.

Now, when Gretchen creates her dolls, the specialized dyeing techniques, handmade felts, and glass beads she learned about in other cultures are now an integral part of her design process. The crafts she discovered abroad inspired her to add unexpected touches to each of her designs.

To this day, our business continues our founder’s vision. We are dedicated to welcoming and promoting equality in our craft. To represent the rich cultural diversity of our world, our handmade, soft-bodied textile design dolls are available in light, mid-tone, and darker skin tone


Gretchen Wilson

Our Story

Our founder Gretchen Wilson first made dolls as toys for her children. While in line at the supermarket with her children, a stranger asked her where she bought her children’s dolls.

At that moment, a seed was planted in her mind, and that seed would lead to a lifelong, passion-filled, roller-coaster business ride. She had the idea to sell her handmade creations. In 1986 Gretchen started Little Souls with her business partner and dear friend Colleen Charleston.


Little Souls dolls, with their glorious differences, celebrate the quirks and idiosyncrasies of children and the child within and are loved by both adults and kids.

Here at Gretchen Wilson Designs, we offer you not only Little Soul dolls, but many one of a kind creations, showcasing similar style and flavor, often incorporating recycled and interesting objects of all sorts. 

The popularity of her custom designs put Gretchen in the spotlight. 

Gretchen has appeared on the front page of the business section of The New York Times, and she had a feature article written about her in People magazine.

Nicknamed the “Dollymama,” Gretchen has made television appearances on CNN and The Oprah Winfrey Show


Product Categories

Little Ones

Little Ones

Little Ones


Don’t let the size fool you. 

These one of a kind little ones 

are full of all the detail 

you'll find in the big kids!

Little Souls

Little Ones

Little Ones

A one of a kind Little Souls doll

Each 24″ one of a kind doll
is characterized with attention to detail
& an individualized personality,
reflecting the joy and spirit of children worldwide.



Little Ones

Sibling Souls


In our home, we believe
the magic of Christmas is timeless.
 Our festive friends and fashions tell their  stories and hold the spirit of the holiday in their homes year long.

Sibling Souls

Sock Dolls

Sibling Souls

A one of a kind Sibling Soul

Every Little Souls doll needs
a younger Sibling Soul!
Each one of a kind doll 

is full of personality… 

just like their big brother or sister!


Sock Dolls

Sock Dolls

Sock Dolls


 Fashioned from GiGi's unique finds 

of "handmades", buttons, yarns, and      doo-dads...the way it all began.

Bridal Party

Sock Dolls

Sock Dolls

Handmade Bride Doll Darker skin tone

Our handmade one of a kind dolls  celebrating that "special day" will make you fall in love all over again....


Bunnies & Bears

Bunnies & Bears

Bunnies & Bears


Welcome a one of a kind 

soft, cuddly, furry companion in your home and not just the bunnies will be jumpin' for joy! 


Bunnies & Bears

Bunnies & Bears


 Nobody puts our one of a kind Baby dolls in a corner! Each wants to be proudly displayed in an heirloom carriage, 

a newborn nursery, or in your arms. 

No crying here! 


Bunnies & Bears

Home Decor


Our one of a kind dolls for Halloween, 

(or any time of year), are not too scary, often silly, and always a treat for you or your witchin' decor!

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Home Decor

Home Decor

Home Decor


Our uncommon home accessories will transform the ordinary and add a uniquely distinctive story to your haven...and make you happy too! 

Home Decor


Home Decor


Wholesale & custom design orders
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Check out our Gallery Page for inspirations...and some of our favs too!

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*Our products are NOT toys and are not recommended for children under 3 years of age.*

*Prices and promos are subject to change and are intended for retail consumers.




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To place an order for a custom design,

please call (610) 212-7604 or email sales@gretchenwilsondesigns.com

 *Our products are NOT toys and are not recommended for children under 3 years of age.*

Prices and promos are subject to change and are intended for retail consumers.

For wholesale inquiries, please call us.